No touch hand soap foam campaign

No touch hand soap foam campaign


The iconic Muse brand has long been recognized in Japan as providing high bacterial efficacy. However it’s trusted medicinal image limited the brands potential to grow.

With the launch of a new, self foaming “no-touch” product in 2012, Muse saw an opportunity to change the market dynamics of the brand and it’s relationship to consumers, and enlisted Havas Worldwide to develop a campaign to drive trial and awareness of the new brand proposition beyond simple handwashing.


Havas developed the business idea ‘Let Kids be Kids’ positioning the brand as allowing mothers to let children do what children do – discover with their hands. Portraying children touching, seeing and doing – discovery with their hands, the concept infused multi-channels. Additionally, the TV Commercial promoted not simply handwashing, but the key events in a child’s life that help them learn and grow.


The commercial tested off the charts and the campaign message was so strong it helped to drive scores for brand lift to new levels. This translated into 50% month on month sales growth, allowing Muse to capture the highest share of market in its history.


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