Live Young Studio

Live Young Studio


In Japan, global brands often struggle not just to communicate their brand message, but to make it relevant and accessible.
Evian has been communicating “Live Young” globally for almost 5 years, and we were tasked to come up with a unique approach to bring this concept to life in a way that was true to evian, and relevant for Japan.
Our objective was to take a standard annual sampling event and turn it into a new kind of brand experience , where the consumer was able to unleash their youthful spirit and share it with their friends and family, creating a new kind of brand engagement platform for evian.


In the hot summer months of July and August 2014, we created the evian Live Young Studio, an outdoor interactive photo/video stage where consumers chose 1 of 9 specially created evian scenes and were transported from the hot and muggy urban centers of Tokyo and Osaka to the cool, crisp home of evian in the French Alps.
The studio itself created a complete sensory transformation, and featured a unique large LED display, wind, snow, sound and trick art to completely immerse the participants in the brand.
A professional cameraman captured these moments, and photos were uploaded to a special website for people to download and share on social media.


We turned a 30 second free sampling event into a 5 minute brand engagement for each consumer, creating over 1,400 memorable examples of Japan “Living Young” that was enjoyed by over 500,000 passers-by, in two of the world’s largest shopping districts, catching the eye of the national media and earning over JPY 184,000,000 ($1.8M equiv) worth of free TV (3 national channels) and Print coverage (127 reports).


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