Deo-Active Campaign

Deo-Active Campaign


Japan has one of the most mature health and beauty skin and body care markets in the world. While this has led to a rapid maturation of the market to niche beauty products such as foot care, global pioneer Dr. Scholl and their flagship footcare creams faced challenges as late entrants to market.
When Dr. Scholl released their odor resistant foot cream Deo-Active, the biggest challenge was encouraging recognition of the problem that Deo-Active was designed to solve; foot odor. Most consumers in the female target audience didn’t believe that their feet could really ever get smelly.
Havas Worldwide Tokyo was brought in to create demand for Dr. Scholl’s new product by finding ways to bring that point home.


What better way to communicate “it could happen to you” than by using the most beautiful women to communicate it. Featuring Miss Universe Japan, the campaign brought home the positive message of confidence, while at the same time dramatically educating women on the problem of foot odor. The campaign was featured on TV, online through social media, and in-store.


Year on year sales for the brand increased by over 600%, propelling the brand into the top selling spot in its category.


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